Studying English

How to Improve your English Listening skill

As we know ICT has a lot of benefits in education. ICT provides various facilities to make the learners do something easily. We can use many technologies such as laptop, iPad, computer, mobile phone to access many information. Thus, we can do it anytime and anywhere.

As an English language student, we can utilize ICT as a media to improve our English skills. English skills consist of speaking, writing, reading, and listening. As far as we know listening is one of the hardest skill to improve. It is because there are some words that have similar pronounciation with different meaning. So, there are some strategies to improve our listening skills. They are:

1. Listening to English podcast

By podcast, we can listen the native speakers say and get some information. We can know how to pronounce some words. For example, you can check from british council. There are many podcasts and the transcript to make you easier to learn English


2. Watching movies with english subtitles.


Movie with English subtitles can help us to enrich our vocabularies. Then, if we always listen the words, we will accoustum it and understand what the speakers say.

3. Listening to the music


When we listen a song, sometime we are curious with its meaning. So we try to find the meaning of the song’s lyric. We always sing that song and it can help us to pronounce the words correcly.



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