All about Upstoreart

Upstoreart is an online shop owned by me. I made it in 2014. So, it has been 3 years since I was in senior high school 2nd grade. At the first time, the name of my online shop is “ Illustration factory “  but then I changed it into “ upstoreart” to make people easier to search and remember. I started it in BBM then I moved it to Instagram. Upstoreart means the art store that always up and high. I make upstoreart is to help people who looking for some unique exclusive special gift and definitely there is only one in the world for their dearest people or just for themselves. The other reason is definitely to make money. The quality of the artworks is always be upgraded to make the people more satisfied with the result. Hundreds of artworks have been sold to all around Indonesia.

Upstoreart provide services to make artworks such as:







Line Art




Mosaic Photos

I hope you interested with this kind of unique gift. Let’s check it on Instagram @upstoreart.

Can’t wait for your order.


Bismi Pratiwi


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