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How to make an argumentative paragraph

An argumentative paragraph is a paragraph which contains arguments. Argument is designed to convince or persuade somebody that something is true or should be done. Its method is to make a general statement and support it.

Let’s get started with some steps below:

  • Choose your topic sentence

Topic sentence: Some techniques of mastering English should be filtered by learners

  • Choose your supporting ideas

The support ideas must be related to the topic sentence

Supporting ideas:
  1. Listening to music
  2. Watching movie with English subtitles.
  3. Reading to articles
  4. Travel to an English-speaking country
  5. Make your own paragraph based on the supporting ideas

Some techniques of mastering English should be filtered by learners. Listening to music is one of the techniques. Listening to music is not only making learners happy but also enhancing vocabularies by the words from the songs. Meanwhile, watching movies with English subtitles can inspire learners and also increase the students’ curiosity about the idioms that are said by the native speakers. Unfortunately, in some movies with informal situation, there are a lot of bad words that we should have not to imitate them. The other technique is reading articles. There are many articles on the internet to enrich knowledge. However, there are some yellow pages that can be found on the internet. It means the article and the truth can not be proven. The last technique is traveling to an English-speaking country. The technique is good because learners can communicate directly to the native speaker. However, it spends a lot of budgets. In short, learners must be smart of using the techniques to master English.


Let’s Write English (revised edition) book by George E.Wishon and Julia M. Burks


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